Zillion Projexxx

Partying without limit

In the aftermath of the monster success of the Zillion movie – centring around the legendary Antwerp club – one thing was clear: Belgium was ready for a party.

So, Zillion-founder Frank Verstraeten delivered with Projexxx. A series of massive, high-tech parties hosted not in your typical nightclub, but at Flanders Expo in Ghent. To recreate the legendary atmosphere of Antwerp’s most infamous club and bring it to new heights, a 360° LED wall was erected. And that’s where Prismax worked its magic.

Prismax zillion live event-pool dancers

All in Unreal Engine, of course. Party-goers were transported to not one, but five extraordinary worlds, all rendered in real-time. A space hanger, a futuristic vision of Tokyo, an Underwater Paradise, a mind-bending fractal world and a busy space part, complete with spaceships landing and taking off.

All rendered and controlled from five computers in real-time, perfectly synced across music, lights, pyrotechnics and more – via our Xlive system. It all came together to create a party with a truly otherworldly atmosphere. Where you could leave reality at the door and enter a world of sensations, music and joy.

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