Virtual Experiences

Unlocking the world behind your screen

Looking to create an entirely digital experience for your audience?

Want to build a metaverse showroom, or create a digital twin of your live event? Do you want to do more with your space through an AR app? With 17 years of experience, Prismax is your one-stop shop for all your virtual experience needs.

With your vision and our passion for virtual storytelling, the laws of reality don’t stand much of a chance.

While Unreal Engine is often thought of as a ‘game engine’, Prismax knows how to extract this software’s full potential.

When handled by our creative experts, Unreal Engine can be used to build entire, larger-than-life worlds and experiences that are rendered in real-time to blow your audience away.

Whether they experience it through a VR headset, their phone screen or just the monitor of their computer, Prismax will make sure your virtual experience leaves onlookers breathless.