Virtual Set Design

A studio capable of more

Want to go beyond the limits of your physical surroundings?

Within the broad concept of ‘set design’ fall a whole host of possibilities. TV studios, virtual museums and live events… They hold no secrets for us. With your vision to guide us, Prismax will create sets that elevate your event or broadcast beyond expectations!

We make XR (Extended Reality), VFX, custom motion graphics… You name it, Prismax can create it. We’ll work closely with you to implement and operate your visual set and provide training after so you can take control yourself in the future.

The key to good virtual set design is knowing how you shape an environment to evoke the exact feeling you’re after. Environments and sets can guide an audience as much as visual spectacles and voice-overs can.

Prismax knows how to leverage a set to convey information, emotion and awe. We know how to leverage Unreal Engine to create virtual TV studios that are able to adapt and change on the fly through the magic of green key technology.

From recreating 17th century Versailles to tailored stages for artists: we’ll create the perfect virtual environment for your project or performance to shine!