World Expo 2020 – Infinite Nights

Prismax’s Technological Triumph at World Expo 2020 in Dubai


The World Expo 2020, located in Expo City Dubai, was an event of grand scale and ambition. The centerpiece of the event was a gigantic dome, an architectural marvel designed in a honeycomb structure, destined to host a series of immersive shows and high-profile concerts.


Prismax was tasked with a monumental challenge: creating the largest projection on a dome ever attempted, using 254 projectors. This technical accomplishment was further complicated by the necessity to adjust to COVID-19 restrictions. This situation resulted in the consolidation of two originally planned domes into a single, versatile venue. This change demanded quick adaptation and innovative solutions for immersive tours and evening concerts.

Performances by Alicia Keys, Kadim Al Sahir, Nancy Ajram & Ragheb Alama

We were also responsible for the development of revolutionary trailers to announce these artists. A trailer where they would embark on a virtual journey from their hometown to Dubai.

During the “Infinite Nights” events, we provided the projection displays for the dome, accompanying the performances of renowned artists such as Alicia Keys, Kadim El Sahir, Nancy Ajram, and Ragheb Alama,.

The tight schedule and high expectations for quality posed significant challenges, especially in delivering high-quality projections for live concerts.


Leveraging the power of Unreal Engine and cutting-edge technology, We overcame these challenges with quick thinking and creative problem-solving. The logistics, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, were daunting, but the team managed to coordinate the dome’s operation effectively. Special attention was paid to the video segmentation for the dome projections, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for the audience.


The result was a triumph of technology and artistry. The World Expo 2020’s dome became a canvas for Prismax’s spectacular projections, enchanting visitors with its immersive storytelling and visually stunning concerts. The event was a testament to the company’s ability to deliver exceptional quality under pressure, using innovative technology to overcome logistical and technical challenges. The success of this project solidified our reputation as a leader in cutting-edge projection and event technology.

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