Winterrevue – Hugo Sigal & Virtual Nicole

Reviving memories: The art of virtual resurrection in live performance

Client: Winterrevue with friends, Antwerp

Background: The Winterrevue is a renowned live event in Antwerp, known for its spectacular performances. This year, the show aimed to create a unique and emotional experience by bringing back Nicole Josy, who had been a long-standing performer together with her husband Hugo Sigal. Nicole sadly passed away a year ago, but we made it possible for Hugo to sing together with his wife for one last time.

Challenge: creating a lifelike hologram of Nicole

Objective: To create a holographic representation of Nicole Josy for a live performance alongside Hugo Sigal. The challenge was to make the virtual Nicole lifelike and emotionally resonant, ensuring that it honors her memory and legacy while providing a unique experience for the audience.

Solution: advanced deepfake technology by Prismax

  1. Recording a stand-In: We started by recording a stand-in performer who could mimic Nicole’s stage presence.
  1. Reconstructing Nicole’s image: Utilizing old footage of Nicole, we meticulously reconstructed her image in 3D to capture her essence.
  2. Deepfake integration: We then applied deepfake technology to overlay the reconstructed 3D image of Nicole onto the stand-in, creating a seamless and lifelike virtual presence on stage.
  3. Technical and artistic collaboration: Our team worked closely with the show’s directors and technical crew to ensure a perfect integration of the virtual Nicole into the live performance.

Result: A poignant and memorable performance

  1. Audience reaction: The performance was met with astonishment and deep emotion from the audience, creating a memorable experience.
  1. Hugo Sigal’s experience: Hugo expressed that performing alongside the virtual Nicole was incredibly meaningful and emotionally powerful, exceeding his expectations.
  1. Media coverage: The event garnered significant attention, highlighting the innovative use of technology in live performances.
  2. Legacy and impact: This project set a new standard for how technology can be used to honor memories and enhance live performances, opening up new possibilities for the industry.

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