An immersive brand exhibition:

Visual symphony: crafting the “Vrienden van Amstel” experience

Elevating live music through innovative visual artistry

Client: Tribe Company – Chiel BV & Look ‘n’ Feel BV

Background: Vrienden van Amstel Live (VVAL) is renowned for hosting some of the most eclectic and electrifying music events, bringing together artists from diverse genres under one roof. VVAL events are a melange of sound, art, and technology. With a history of pushing boundaries in live entertainment.

Challenge: Vrienden of Amstel Live (VVAL) is synonymous with dynamic, diverse, and visually stunning performances. The challenge was to design a visual experience for their varied line-up that not only complements each performance but also consistently raises the bar in terms of innovation and visual impact. The goal was to create a series of ‘wow’ moments, ranging from subtle to grandiose, that embodied the spirit and energy of VVAL.

Solution: In collaboration with Chiel BV and Look ‘n’ Feel BV, we designed a set of bespoke visuals tailored to each artist. Our approach focused on creating a visual journey throughout the venue, seamlessly guiding the audience’s attention. By utilizing perspective illusions, we transformed the environment, creating an illusion that transcended the boundaries of the screen. This approach allowed the audience to fully immerse themselves in each performance, forgetting they were looking at a screen and instead feeling a part of the world we created.

Result: The result was a three-hour visual spectacle, of which approximately one hour was our creation. Our visuals seamlessly transitioned from an intimate performance by Clouseau to a grand, arena-scale Queen tribute. The environment we crafted adapted organically to each performance, expanding and contracting harmonizing with the music. This dynamic interplay of visuals and performances left an experience that truly showcased the essence of VVAL.

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