The Little Mermaid

Crafting an underwater wonderland for ‘The Little Mermaid’ musical at Flanders Expo


The Little Mermaid at Flanders Expo, a ground-breaking musical production in Belgium. 


Our task was to create content for the screen behind the actors, bringing the magic of Disney to life. By extending reality into the digital realm, we aimed to make the fantasy world more believable and endow the characters with an extra dose of enchantment. The key challenge was ensuring seamless transitions between scenes, making the flow as smooth and unnoticeable as possible.


We employed animated transitions to connect scenes A and B. For example, transitioning from one room to another by visually moving through the ceiling. When shifting from an indoor setting to underwater, the screen would fill up with water, creating a seamless transition to the underwater scene. This innovative approach allowed for a more dynamic and engaging experience, as it visually knitted together different scenes in a creative and immersive manner.


The outcome was a captivating and immersive visual experience that perfectly complemented the musical. The seamless integration of digital content with live action on stage brought a new level of depth and enchantment to the production. The audience was transported into a magical undersea world, making The Little Mermaid at Flanders Expo a memorable and magical event for all.

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