Terra Solis Dubai

Terra Solis and its iconic resident, Amare, the majestic bird


Terra Solis is an innovative desert destination in Dubai. Managed by the team behind Tomorrowland – the world-famous electronic dance music festival – the site has quickly gained popularity for its vibrant atmosphere, featuring poolside beats, day-to-night parties, and appearances by high-profile DJs. 

At the heart of this spectacular event stands Amare, a magical creature guarding the stage. Tera Solis entrusted us with the creation of video content to be displayed on the LED screens that adorned the wings of this majestic bird.


Terra Solis faced a unique challenge in Dubai – to integrate cutting-edge video content onto the massive LED wings of “Amare”, the centerpiece of the show. These wings were constructed entirely from LED screens, and the challenge was to seamlessly merge the digital feathers with the physical decor, creating an authentic and innovative avian spectacle.


To address this challenge, Prismax embarked on a creative journey to bring the digital feathers to life. Combining our creative and technical team, we designed a solution that allowed the wings to move visually, synchronizing with the techno music beats, and enhancing the overall visual experience. The goal was to make Amare look and feel like a real-life creature, captivating the audience with its lifelike features.


The outcome was nothing short of spectacular. Terra Solis successfully projected stunning visual images onto Amare’s LED wings, creating a mesmerizing visual feast for the audience. The innovative solution not only met but exceeded expectations, seamlessly blending technology with artistry. Tera Solis became a hub for techno music enthusiasts, offering an immersive experience where the LED wings came to life harmonizing with the music and the decor, setting a new standard for entertainment in the city.

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