Rebranding in Extended Realities

Let us take you somewhere unreal…

While creating the new Prismax, one thing we knew from the start was that we didn’t want to talk about our work. Or at least, do a lot more than just talk. In a business like ours, pictures are worth more than words, by a wide margin.

The jump to a virtual showroom was made quickly. Not only would a virtual showroom allow us to showcase our work, but the showroom itself would also be a testament to our creativity and vision!

First: the invitation. We knew a normal paper invite wouldn’t convey the spirit and creativity of Prismax. We had to take it further, take it out of this world. Enter Astra, our digital guide. A high-quality, personal coin would be mailed out with an invitation to enter a new world… Simply scan the attached QR code to make the coin come to life and watch as our digital guide Astra emerges and invites you to the virtual showroom.

We created a whole new world in Unreal Engine. From rough design to lighting to the final texture tweaks, we spent two whole months immersing ourselves in the virtual version of Prismax.

The result is an expansive virtual experience, Pixelstreamed to your computer (which means graphical calculations are all done in the cloud, eliminating the strain placed on your computer. Anyone, no matter their computer specs, can visit our showroom!). Inside, you’ll find a launchpad that will take you to four islands. There, you can immerse yourself in Prismax’s world. Explore the control room of a live music festival and discover what it’s like supervising a massive show from behind the scenes. Catch a glimpse of the Mankind digital art installation Explore our NFT gallery. Discover how digital sets can level up your performances. All of that, right from your computer. A taste of our capabilities. A taste of things to come.

Curious? Discover the virtual showroom for yourself here:

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