NFT trading cards

Trading cards, reimagined to do more

When it comes to turning beloved print collectable cards into digital ones, it’s easy to just copy them over and call it a day. But we don’t believe in settling for the basics. We go beyond to create experiences and designs that are out of this world.

Together with Visual Lab, we’re exploring the possibilities of stylised, artistic and animated NFTs as the new norm for digital collectables. Rather than a single, static image thrown onto the blockchain, Visual Lab and Prismax have created stunning, animated cards, featuring flowing and crisp movements.

trading cards

That was just the beginning, however. The capabilities of modern design and blockchain technology allow art to do more. To be more. Not only do the 3D cards move, but they also change throughout the season. Each week, the NFT transforms according to gamer performance.

The standard card sees players framed in shining blue and silver, ready to take on the next challenge. But when your player shines on the field, so does your card. Now, your NFT shows all the fire and passion of a great athletic performance, with the players surrounded by victorious fire hoisted on their teammates’ shoulders. And on cloudy days, when things don’t go as you want, your players are surrounded by a moody thunderstorm. Disappointed, but focused. Ready to rise again.

Trading cards. Stadium tickets. The possibilities for art on the blockchain are endless. And with some Prismax magic, you’ll create digital art that’s truly out of this world.

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