Living Tomorrow

A Glimpse into the Future through Innovation


“Living Tomorrow” in Vilvoorde is a futuristic concept project that showcases advanced technologies and innovative ideas for future living and working environments. 

Living Tomorrow’s Innovation Campus was searching for a partner who embraced innovation and pioneered unique solutions unseen elsewhere in the country. This led them to Creationz and Prismax.


The Innovation Camp aimed to host a press & partner event to provide a glimpse of what life might look like in 30 years. They needed to create an innovative event that would captivate and inspire their audience, showcasing the potential of future technological advancements.


Creationz, the event agency, came up with the concept, and Prismax was chosen to bring this visionary event to life.

We’ve created a time capsule by blending the latest technologies in a unique combination, transforming it into a captivating and immersive experience.

Upon arrival, guests are transported into the future through a combination of lighting, sound, and audiovisual LED technology, complete with tracking and laser effects. The centerpiece of the experience is a time capsule show where visual content takes center stage. As visitors step into a full LED tunnel and an array of overhead lights, they are taken on a 2,5 minute journey bridging the present and a future 30 years ahead.


The event was a monumental success, providing attendees with a groundbreaking and immersive experience. This case highlights the collaborative success of Living Tomorrow, Creationz, and Prismax in creating an event that showcased innovation and actively engaged the imagination of its participants, fostering curiosity about the possibilities of the future.

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