‘Core Festival’ Visual Extravaganza

Bringing Tomorrowland’s magic to life: a visual symphony of nature and technology


Tomorrowland is one of the world’s most famous music festivals, known for its grand scale and fantasy-themed experiences. Each year, it brings together a global community of music lovers in a celebration that’s much more than just a concert. It’s a magical world filled with music, dance, and a sense of unity.


Working closely with Tomorrowland, our goal at Prismax was to create a visual experience for their ‘Core Festival’ concept. This event, happening in different parts of the world, needed visuals that would keep the audience engaged for over 15 hours. The focus was on nature and our connection to it. The first show happened in Tulum, Mexico, known for its stunning natural beauty, setting the perfect stage for our visual storytelling.


Our team crafted 45 unique VJ packs with nature at their heart, inspired by Tomorrowland’s creative vision. We mixed real-life looks with a bit of magic and surprise to keep everyone’s attention throughout the show. The visuals merged smoothly with the stage, making it feel like one with nature. Thanks to Unreal Engine, we got the perfect mix of beautiful scenes and quick render times.


The result was a visual feast that kept everyone hooked from start to end. The show flowed perfectly with the music and setting, with our VJ controlling the nature-themed visuals in real-time. It was a beautiful blend of sight and sound that captured the essence of Tomorrowland’s magical world.

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