Amelie Lens

Visual symphony: Elevating Amelie Lens’s tours with innovative VJing


In the dynamic world of electronic music, Amelie Lens stands out as a prominent figure. Known for her captivating performances and engaging visual experiences, she sought to elevate her shows to new heights. Our collaboration aimed to blend the pulsating energy of her music with visually striking content, creating an immersive experience for her audience.


Our task was to develop all the visuals for Amelie Lens’s performances. This challenge involved crafting unique, engaging, and synchronized visual content that matched the intensity and style of Lens’s music. The visuals needed to complement the music and captivate the audience, enhancing the overall experience of her concerts.


To achieve this, our team employed a blend of creative design and technical expertise. We used Unreal Engine to create bespoke visuals that were both aesthetically pleasing and harmonizing with the music’s rhythm and mood. The visuals were designed to be flexible, allowing for real-time adjustments and synchronization with the live performance, ensuring a seamless integration of audio and visual elements.


The collaboration was a resounding success. The visuals we created for Amelie Lens’s performances were not just a backdrop but an integral part of the concert experience. They enhanced the atmosphere, making each performance a memorable journey for the audience. Our work received acclaim for its creativity and technical proficiency, further establishing our reputation as a leader in visual design and VJing for live music events.

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