An immersive brand exhibition:

Infinite Nights Live

Incredible visuals with the human touch

The live element of Dubai’s Infinite Nights experience was presented in the Al Wasl Dome, a space that boasts the world’s largest 360 degree projection mapping system. 

Such a space demands that you pull out all the stops to give the live audience an evening they’ll never forget. For our partnership with Infinite Nights, we created virtual introductions for every artist which blended their physical arrival on stage with immersive, themed virtual reality experiences. 

Making use of all 254 projectors built into the dome, these motion graphics injected anticipation and excitement into the crowd for every new act. The most high profile of these was our stunning recreation of Brooklyn, New York, allowing Alicia Keys to fly through her hometown before entering the stage. 

Filmed in GreenKey in collaboration  with our expert partners EuroGrip, performers can see themselves move through the virtual world in real time. This gives unmatched levels of immersion for the artist and a sense of realism for audiences. And once the performance begins, we only increase that sense of engagement through jaw-dropping visuals that are projected and mixed live by a crew of five technicians. 

At Prismax, we developed our reputation through groundbreaking visuals designed to take live events to new heights and give audiences immersive experiences they never dreamed possible. We’re always looking for new ways to surprise and delight audiences. That can range from systems to automatically trigger pyrotechnics in perfect sync with the music or turning the beautiful exterior of Qatar’s museum of Islamic art into the perfect canvas for complex, beautiful projections

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